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1. Associate Membership

Applicants for membership (except Junior Membership) are required to join as Associate Members. After a

period of one year they may apply for Regular Membership or Household Membership status. Associate

Members cannot vote or hold club offices.

2. Regular Membership

Regular Membership shall be open to all persons eighteen years of age or older who owns or whose

household member owns a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and who is in good standing with the American

Kennel Club, and who subscribes to the purposes of the Club. Regular Members may vote and hold office.

3. Household Membership

A person can hold a Household Membership if an immediate family member is also a Regular Member.

Household Membership counts toward a quorum. Household Memberships can vote and hold club office.

4. Junior Membership

Junior Membership is available for individual 18 years old and younger.

Junior Membership cannot vote or hold office.